Posted by: earthsangel | August 25, 2009

God Whispers from Truly Rich Club 08-25-2009

Many of your choices aren’t permanent choices. For these choices, pick  growth over security. Growth necessitates chaos — at least for a while. If  you want growth, be comfortable with chaos.

Here’s a fact: Your blessings outnumber your problems. Your blessings are  an ocean. Your problems are a few drops of rain that fall on that ocean.  So what will you focus on?

Magnify me and you make your problems small. The bigger I become in your  eyes, the smaller your problems become.
Little children are afraid of darkness because they can’t see what’s next.  Many adults are still  afraid of life because they can’t see what will  happen next. For them, life is so uncertain. Not you,   You know me.
You know what I’ll do for you. You see your fantastic future.  Are you experiencing scarcity? Good. Because scarcity has the power to  give a very special gift. Scarcity can give you a great hunger for  abundance. This hunger will be your fire in the belly. Some of the  wealthiest people in the world have huge hunger because they went through  great scarcity.

Some wealthy people, because they love their kids, take away from them the  experience of scarcity. They give them instant wealth without training them  in hard work. But when scarcity is taken away, they also take away their  hunger for success.  Thus, many kids squander the wealth of their parents.  Just telling you again how important scarcity is in your life.

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