Posted by: earthsangel | August 14, 2009

Daily God Whispers from Truly Rich Club

I’d like to share the Daily God Whispers i Receive via email from Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez, they’re very inspirational I’ll be selfish if i will not share them, since i am a member of his truly rich club i also receive a weekly wealth strategies but I’m not sure if it is legal to re-publish them, i still have to ask permission to share them in my blog. I’ll be posting these God Whispers every Friday because I can’t do it everyday.

1. Imagine people who always hurt you or offend you. Most of them grew up traumatized in their childhood. Many were not loved. Some were abandoned. Some were hurt deeply. Don’t curse them. They’ve received enough wounds already.

2. Your happiness doesn’t depend on external circumstances. Your happiness depends on your internal interpretation of these external circumstances. Interpret well, And get wildly happy.

3. Be happy today. It’s really a choice you have to make. Don’t wait to be happy. Plan your happiness. Make it happen more often. You rule!

4. Have fun. Enjoy my blessings. Life is short. In a blink of an eye, you’ll be beside me in Heaven. So while you’re on planet Earth, enjoy my creation.

5. Blessings will fit the container you’ve prepared for them. If your container is small, your blessings will be small too. If your container is big, your blessings will be big as well.

6. It’s not how you start, but how you end. So start small. Fumble and fall and fail at the beginning. That’s how all legendary champions began.

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