Posted by: earthsangel | July 22, 2009

Broken Heart Quotes That Can Cure A Broken Heart

There is nothing worse than a broken heart it makes you feel like your whole world has been turned upside down and inside out. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you just can’t function. All you  can do is think about the love and relationship that you have lost. Many people say that a broken heart cannot be healed, even with time but the truth is that if you forget and move on then your heart will  too.

The way that you are feeling now, though, forgetting will be the furthest thing from your mind. But until you forget the pain and suffering will remain.

Here are some favourite broken heart quotes of mine and explanations based on how they can mend your broken heart.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Yes you will feel pain when a relationship has ended but you do not have to  suffer. There are many ways in which you can forgive and forget and ultimately mend your broken heart.

“If you can’t save the relationship, at least save your pride.”

Don’t beg or harass your ex as this will make the situation even worse. It will also make you look needy and without self respect or pride. Instead remove yourself, if possible from any situations with your ex
until you have had a chance to cool off.

“Letting go of someone dear to you is hard, but holding on to someone who doesn’t even
feel the same is much harder. Giving up doesn’t mean you are weak! It only means that you are strong enough to let go!”

During this cooling off period you should try and sort out your feelings and get rid of your anger. You need to accept that the relationship is over and start making changes to your life.

“You have to forgive to forget, and forget, to feel again.”

If you just keep going over the past and are unable to think of the future then you will never be able to move on. You need to forgive any differences that you had between you and start to forget. Yes, this
will be difficult if you have shared many happy memories. But if you  have split up there are also going to be not so good memories that led to you splitting up. Instead of wishing for the past focus on these
reasons and take them as advice to make yourself a better person and  turn your life around.

“Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or
accept it totally.”

Your relationship has ended, your heart  is broken so you have two options. One is to remain in this pain
forever and the other is to accept what has happened and move on. If  you stay in your current situation you will remain unhappy. Only you can control your future and you need to start making choices that will
eventually bring you to your new life.

“I am somebody. I am me. I like being me. And I don’t need anybody to make me somebody.”

You are a person and you are worth everything. Do not put yourself down or  think that you are worthless because there is one person who does not love you anymore. Think of the other people that do love you (friends, family etc) and focus on continuing to make these people happy. If a  relationship has broken up and you are broken hearted then maybe it has been for the best, maybe the relationship itself was making you
unhappy. Now you have been given a chance to find and love yourself.  You don’t need anyone else. You are you and you WILL be happy again!


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