Posted by: earthsangel | June 15, 2009

I am a comedy fan

a friend recommended this new sit-com Big Bang Theory, he gave me a copy of the first season and i was hooked i didn’t left the tv till i finish the first season,
i love the characters and the witty plot that goes along with. a very funny show and i would recommend this show to everyone,

The characters are 4 nerdy men and 1 pretty female neighbor. The nerds all like the neighbor but one REALLY likes her and hopes to have a relationship with her someday…..but it will never happen.

The nerds are hilarious, each one has their own quirks.

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here’s a detailed description of the show which i copy from msn

From the same production team responsible for Two and a Half Men, the CBS “nerd-com” The Big Bang Theory clued the viewer in on what to expect right from the get-go by naming its two main characters “Sheldon” and “Leonard” (though all resemblance to the famous gangster actor-turned-TV producer ended right there!) They were both brilliant physicists, living together in a technology-cluttered apartment, and spending their free time with a circle of fellow geeks from Cal Tech. And, need we add,… Read more bbws of course, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) were despite their hyper-intelligence hopelessly “backward” on a social level; after all, it isn’t easy to pick up girls when the only things you know how to talk about are isotopes and video games. Our heroes were thrown for a mobius strip when the incredibly beautiful and voluptuous Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a recent divorcee, moved into the apartment next door. Fascinated by the two “Beautiful Mind Guys”, Penny decided to hang around with Sheldon and Leonard whenever possible. Having seldom been in such close proximity to a genuinely gorgeous girl, Leonard was anxious to make a few moves (assuming he knew any!), but Sheldon, perpetually unlucky in love, kept his distance, convinced that he’d only have his heart broken again. Occasionally dropping in for the random punchline were the boys’ college pals, the loquacious Howard (Simon Helberg) and the virtually mute Rajesh (Kunai Nayyar).


  1. Shalom

    I really enjoyed your article. Please view my video, CHAIM PADDAMAN SUPPORTS THE BIG BANG THEORY PART 2- CHAIM DOESNT PAY. It is a jewish tongue in cheek response to the big bang theory on CBS.


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