Posted by: earthsangel | May 25, 2009

Hayden kho’s mother Irene Dela Santa Talks

Hayden Kho’s mother is just as crazy as Hayden. She says all the time in this
interview from TV Patrol that she does not want to talk about it, that she does not want to elaborate, but you’d hear her talking and elaborating. LOL. Confusing mother.

Mrs. Irene Kho appeared on television Monday night and took the cudgels for her controversial son whom she described as “matino, mabait, and disente.” This statement left viewers wondrin’ whether it was Hayden or his mother who’s hooked on drugs.

In defending Hayden Kho, a combative Mrs. Irene Kho lambasted Katrina Halili’s “acting,” blamed Lolit Solis and Bong Revilla for the sex scandal, and insisted that her beloved son is “matino, disente, at mabait.” Ang anak ko pinaglalaruan. Ang anak ko tinatapakan.” Apparently, Mrs. Kho has not seen her son’s lewd videos. Otherwise, she would have said, “Ang anak ko dinadaganan. Ang anak ko kinakain. Ang anak ko inuupuan. Ang anak ko pinapatungan.”

Reacting to Mrs. Irene Kho’s tirade, talent manager Lolit Solis on Tuesday lashed back at the mother of celebrity doctor Hayden Kho Jr. and denied instructing Katrina Halili to shed tears before television cameras after the actress’ sex video with the controversial doctor flooded cyberspace. Solis said

“Mrs. Kho, don’t point your finger on anyone else. You should instead focus on your son’s deeds so you could know where you could help him. It was like you were even giving your consent.”

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