Posted by: earthsangel | May 23, 2009

Why Dating Bigger Men is Better

This post is for a friend who can’t decide whether or not to date this guy who’s a little bigger, the guy is very good looking combine with good character the only problem is his weight.

Here are four reasons why dating a “Big & Tall” boy will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. He’ll never criticize your weight or your food portions. If you want that extra slice of pizza or that extra scoop of ice cream, he’s not going to raise an eyebrow.

2. You know how women’s magazines always claim that men prefer women with a little meat on their bones, because their bodies feel better to the touch? Turns out the reverse is also true. Heavier men are softer and more squeezable than skinny studs.

3. His belly = your own personal, portable pillow.

4. Weighty guys enjoy life more than thin men. They never stress about diets or workouts – they instead spend their time tasting the pleasures of life. Like you!

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