Posted by: earthsangel | January 6, 2009

SMS Jokes wala lang maisip

What’s the Best & Worst news a man myt hear at d same time?
It’s when ur GF says:
ikaw tlaga ang may pnkmalaking etits sa lahat ng kabarkada mo.

WIFE: Hon, pasyal mo naman ako sa isang mamahaling lugar.
HUSB: Ok. I give u 3 choices.
W: Wow! PowerPlant Greenbelt or Shang?
H: Hindi. Caltex, Shell o Petron

GMA: Filipinos r either stupid or ingrates. Dey hate me so much & dey love Susan Roces & Cory Aquino, who have done nothing.
BUNYE: Ma’m i think if u can imitate dem u will have no problems.
GMA: Wat shall i imitate? Why didn’t u say so earlier?
BUNYE: Just be a widow, U’ll have no more problems!ü

Two boys talking and reached the topic about love.
Boy1: Pre, kumusta ang lovelife mo?
Boy2: Wala, ganun pa rin.
Boy1: Bakit pare? Kayo pa rin?
Boy2: Hindi pre, ikaw pa rin!

Three boys at the mall:
Boy1: ####, ang cute naman nung girl!
Boy2: Sexy pa! Grabe!
Boy3: Sino? Yung nakamini-skirt? Kilala ko sya, tawagin ko ha?! Kuyaaaah! =)

A man is dying of Cancer.
His son asked him, “Dad, why do u keep telling people u’re dying of AIDS?”
Answer: “So when I’m dead no one will dare touch ur mom

Real looks are n0t based on physical features but in the HEART!

motto yan ng mga panget!

here’s ours…


(man recovering n d care of nuns at a catholic hospital)
Nun: how will u pay ur bills, any health insurance?
Man: no insurance.
N: any relatives?
M: a spinster sister hu is a nun.
N: nuns r not spinsters! Nuns r married to God!
M: den send d bills 2 my brother-in-law !!!

Two sperms talking…
SPERM1: A few days from now, I’ll be handsome as a human being.
SPERM2: Ambisyoso! Huwag ka umasa maging tao, nasa lalamunan tayo ng bading noh…ü

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