Posted by: earthsangel | July 24, 2008

deym what happen

last friday untill weekends i was so depres that i couldn’t do anything, i wanted to write so i could release my anger and depression but it seems my mind is not functioning, i was so angry with my boss he fired 5 people  4 of them are my friends, i’ve been with these people for years and we don’t even know whats  his reason for doing such cruel thing. it was a very sad friday i ask them to hangout so we could talk but it seems they wanted to be alone. the funny thing about this incident the next morning they were rehired (what the f?ck)what was he thingking or is he even thingking when he does that decision. Given the current status of life now in our country its not a joke to lost a job. for us who work in the IT Industry its not hard to find a job, whats hard is to find a job with a good salary. my boss is an american so hes quite generous with salary. Now my friends are back to the office but things are not the same anymore.

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